Monday 16 February 2015

The evolution of Raspberry Pi: a Lego scene

I  wanted to take a photo of all the different Pis that I have and was thinking about an interesting way to display them. My sons suggested building a Lego scene and so an enjoyable Sunday afternoon was spent constructing a timeline of Pi evolution.

 Each quadrant of the base shows a different Raspberry Pi model.

In the  laboratory mad scientists are working on the very first Pi: the original model A.

 Next door, in the factory, a model B Rev 1 rolls along the conveyor belt, inspected by a bowler-hatted businessman.

In quadrant 3, a high-tech crane lifts a heavy model B rev 2.

Next, a custom lorry transports a model B+ to a CoderDojo.

At Lego primary school, excited pupils start plugging everything in to their shiny new model A+ while the teacher carries on with their maths lesson. 

Finally, the amazing Raspberry Pi 2 is strapped to it's rocket, ready to head to the ISS as part of Astro-Pi.

But wait, who is that lurking in the trees? Is it a Pirate, a Monkey, a Robot and a Ninja?

And who is the pith helmet wearing explorer hanging about with the mad scientists?

And why is there a hotdog seller hanging around the Pi logo?

Here are some more pictures. 

And here are the architects of this monstrosity:


  1. You guys have a collective genius. I love it. It is by far the coolest thing on the Internet. :-)

  2. Hi Richard

    We absolutely LOVED this. Would you mind if we used it in its entirety as a guest post on the official Raspberry Pi blog (probably on Friday)?

  3. Not sure if my comment arrived ...
    Was the answer to the maths question 10 or 2 ;)

    You have a very creative family.

  4. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who understand binary and those who don't…

    What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in spanish?

  5. Hi Richard! The Week Junior magazine would like to run a article on the Pi in history you and your children created in Lego.
    If its okay could you send the hi-res images to and I'll send you back a PDF of the article!
    Thanks in advance.