Sunday, 31 May 2015

DiddyBorg with joystick control

The Diddyborg is a great chunky Raspberry Pi robot and feels just right for arcade-style Joystick control.

I had a Zippyy ball handle joystick knocking around so decided to use another Raspberry Pi as a controller/relay. Each axis of the joystick closes a simple mechanical switch when the handle is moved in that direction, and this is detected using the GPIO pins.

All communications between the two Pis (the A+ in the Diddyborg and the B+ controller) are via wifi.

I used a Slice of Pi board for the connections between the GPIO pins on the controlling Pi and the Joystick. I also had plenty of space to add a bi-colour LED which I use to indicate when motion commands are actively being transmitted to the diddyborg.

The code that runs on the controlling Pi and the DiddyBorg Pi is available on GitHub.

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