Tuesday, 25 March 2014

getting started with PiBrella

The PiBrella is a really neat bit of kit, especially when combined with CympleCy's ScratchGPIO. To help some of my CodeClub posse get to grips with it I've knocked up a simple Scratch program that demonstrates the different ways that the hardware elements can be addressed.

  • Clicking on the red LED sprite turns the red LED on the Pibrella on and off.
  • Adjusting the AmberPower variable using the slider changes the brightness of the amber LED
  • Ditto for the Output E LED using the PowerE slider
  • Clicking on the buzzer sprite makes the buzzer buzz!
  • If you connect the two A inputs on the Pibrella together with a resistor then the sprite will change to show LED A lit
  • Pressing the button on the Pibrella makes the corresponding button sprite change its costume so that it looks pressed. 

I've added the project to the SteadyPi repository on Github.

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