Sunday, 23 March 2014

Steady as she goes

My CodeClub posse really enjoyed the Raspberry Pi spud game last week so I want to give some of my yr 6s a challenge and see if they can come up with a game that uses some external hardware themselves.

My potatoes were getting a bit mouldy and the whole breadboard setup can be a bit fragile, so I was looking for some more robust for their first project. The Pibrella board is a great, cheap bit of kit that has a bunch of LEDs, a buzzer, a button and a bunch of inputs and outputs.

Gordon Henderson recently posted a bunch of great ideas for the Pibrella including a 'steady hands' game using Python.

I decided to build a version using cymplecy's ScratchGPIO again. I'll challenge my yr 6s tomorrow to see if they can come up with something similar.


 The Scratch file is on GitHub. Remember you need cymplecy's GPIO5 version of Scratch for this to work.

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