Friday, 6 March 2015

Raspberry Pi CodeClub Week 7

Raspberry Pi Codeclub is always a fun and interesting hour but today was even more colourful than usual. Thanks to World Book Day we had a session run by Prof Branestawm and attended by a Jedi, Violet Beauregarde, Dr Frankenstein, Susan from Narnia, Sherlock Holmes and (where's) Wally.

We've settled into a nice routine now and yet again I was impressed by how confident all the children are with building circuits on breadboard and connecting them to the GPIO. As a result the pace is starting to increase now and my top pupil has now completed the Buzzer project. I like this project because it demonstrates the limitations of Scratch, which can only flip the buzzer relatively slowly and produce a ticking rather than a proper tone. This leads nicely into the Python version which can generate tones of different frequencies.

I'll need to finish off the next project worksheet: adding to the buzzer code and using a PIR sensor to make an intruder detector.

I've also added the branding-free worksheets for the reaction game and buzzer projects to Github.

This week also saw the publication of an article in the Surrey Advertiser following their reporter's visit to our club a few weeks ago. All in all the article is not too bad - the description of Raspberry Pi isn't great and I think the mention of soldering refers to the DIY Gamer projects.

At least they got the CodeClub URL correct!

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