Monday, 16 March 2015

Raspberry Pi CodeClub Week 8

It is genuinely amazing how much progress everyone has made. This was really brought home to me today because we had a new pupil joining the club. I asked the usual mob to help him out with getting his Pi setup and watched as they explained the basics and got him up and running within a few minutes (he likes his computers so didn't take long to pick up the basics).

The rest of the session followed the usual formula with the kids working through the various projects. Some are a little further on that others, but everyone is making great progress. I'm increasingly finding that I'm spending my time explaining more complicated aspects of Python and Linux than answering the basic questions ("which one is the HDMI cable again?") I was for the first few weeks.

One chap who has been experimenting with the buzzer using Python discovered that at a certain frequency it makes a screeching, ticking sound that he thought sounded like a bomb about to explode. He decided to hide behind his chair and, apparently without any rehearsal, most of the others followed suit!

This has set them up nicely for a future project using the button, led and buzzer combined with crater-making Minecraft that we'll be starting in a couple of weeks!

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